OAIS(Open Archival Information System)


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OAIS(Open Archival Information System)

文章wanght » 2004-11-05, 19:28

Hi all:

I am the student of Glasgow university. I have a module of Cultural and Heritage Informatics. And We have to find some technical standards about how to value some cultural things. And the standard that I need to search is the technical standard or standard of OAIS?

Could anyone help me to tell me where could I find any information about OAIS ( Open Archival Information System )?

My question is about
1. What it is?
2. What it is used for?
3. Which communities use it and how widely it is used?
4. What value does it bring to the cultural heritage sector?
5. Provide an example of the standard in use.

Thank you very much.
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